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Work Related Stress

Have you ever come close to feeling like you are going to explode with rage or frustration, or felt complete emotional burnout because of the role you work in?

This is becoming more and more common and something I am seeing in my practice much more frequently.  Why?  I can give some insight into some of the many layers of things which contribute to work related stress from my experience as a therapist and having worked with hundreds of people suffering from this growing theme.

The cost of living has increased and wages have not increased so fast or as much.  More people find themselves doing over time to match the increase in food shopping, fuel, insurances or just to get by.  Many are working their usual full time role with added over time hours on top, using their days off (which are for rest and recoup) to spend working. This results in burnout, compassion fatigue (if working in a care or public facing role), emotional distance from the organisation and stress.

What is the culture like in your workplace? Is it considered the norm to be stressed and feeling like you are no longer treading water but actually drowning?  Is it commonplace for people to be off with work related stress?  Is it normal and expected within your workplace to work outside of your working hours just to get through the workload and make the next day feel somewhat manageable?   If you work part time, do you work on the days which are your non-working days to manage your workload?

With high demand and low resources, it is no great surprise that people are suffering from work related stress.

What support do you receive from your Manager?  Or are they also drowning in the waves which keep on submerging them too and so you don’t feel heard or supported? Are there clear pathways to support in your organisation where you can be heard and supported appropriately?

Whatever your situation might be in relation to work related stress, I can help you.  Having extensive experience as a therapist in occupational health, this area of therapy is a specialism.  If you would like further information or support, please feel free to contact me.

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