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Hello 2024!

Hello 2024!

I hope your Christmas period went how you had hoped and planned for.

So now, we are staring down the barrel of January and an upcoming cold snap.  You may also have already started Dry January and adopted New Year, New Me (NYNM) attitude.  Does this sound like you?

I must admit, seeing all of the NYNM posts made me do an internal eye roll.  Why? Well firstly because of the pressure many feel in having to begin the year with a fresh new attitude, regime or lifestyle, when surviving the Christmas period was an achievement in itself and getting to the other side felt like a relief.  Then after all of that, to then have to think about a whole new version of yourself.  Wheww!

Secondly, I don’t buy into the NYNM ethos.  I do believe the new year is an opportunity to make small positive changes in any area of our lives we want to, but a complete overhaul and setting over-ambitious goals for ourselves can do the opposite and feel like we are staring up from the bottom of a mountain.

When we over restrict in any area of our lives, we tend to think about it more and then over indulge, feel guilty about it and then end up back at square one.  Does this sound like you too?

At the beginning of the year I like to look at the different areas of my life and implement a small change.  Once I have hit and maintained that small achievement, I add in another and another and so on.  By the end of the year I have made change and progress - by taking it very slowly.  There are 12 months of the year to hit that goal, not just January.

So, if you are doing Dry January, starting a new exercise programme, reducing your calories and are skint to boot, this does not make for a fun month does it?!  Maybe Dry January is the one for this month and just making sure you are sticking to that is focus enough.  Maybe having healthier eating habits is your focus for January.  Whatever your NYNM is, take it easy with yourself and go slowly and build upon it throughout the year to ensure you can achieve it and don’t feel over restricted.

Exercise is recommended for mild to moderate depression.  Wrap up and get out into that cold air for a walk even for ten minutes and you will feel better for it.  Meet a friend on a walk and take a flask of coffee.  Movement is the key, it doesn’t have to be an exercise class flailing your arms around and feeling like you are going to keel over!

Is there a relationship which has ended or one that you want to reconnect with this year?  What do you need to do to navigate that or reach acceptance?

Whatever your goal is for January or the year ahead, remember that you are already a brilliant version of yourself, you just might want to make some small adjustments along the way to get you to that end goal.  Be kind to yourself and know that you are human – you will have slips ups or set backs, but as long as you get back up and go again, that is what will get you there.

If you would like support or to discuss any of the difficulties mentioned, please feel free to contact me and take a look at my page - avanticounselling.co.uk

See you next time.


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